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This morning I asked everyone to write at the top of their paper, “If anything was possible,

I would ….” And then to fill in the blank. It didn’t have to make sense. And then pass it to the next person to continue the page, being spontaneous and playful. AND then folding over the paper so only the last line would show as we continued to pass it along to the next person. By the time our paper came back to us, we were to “finish” it, and then we took turns reading them out loud.

Example from today:

If anything was possible, I would fly high above and get perspective, gaining deep peace so that I could see the world as it is, happy, colorful, full of different people and hearts and then I would eat cake and marshmellows because cake is good! And then I would reflect that cake is better than tofu, BUT, tofu cake with whipped cream is the best thing ever! This is, I know now, the true key to happiness. May it be known to all!

SO not real deep and meaningful yet so good for the heart to remember to not take this crazy dream so seriously by play and imagination. We laughed a lot.

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