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Sun Life Chart

I was thinking about all the many different categories of my life and feeling like they were so separate and disconnected to each other. I was feeling scattered about my perspective on my current life. SO, as I was recently walking with a friend in the mountains, I had a simple image come to mind to bring it all together with the common thread of inner freedom. Super basic. I ended up sharing it spontaneously in a recent class with the karma yogis and they wanted to do their own version with enthusiasm. SO, here are two versions. Try it and see what yours is like. Letting all things that we do, no matter how mundane, or even tedious, be an opportunity to bring us to our own inner freedom, understanding that everything is here to help us. Post your chart in your home so that you keep perspective as you go about your daily life. JOY! P.S. Show me what you did!

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