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Nature Mandala

This morning at the Expanding Light, at Ananda Village, the karma yogis (work exchange crew) focused on the power of feeling supported in a group, knowing we are not alone. And as we grow and evolve and work through old patterns in ourselves, this ripples out and helps others. All that we face in ourselves and overcome literally helps uplift the planet. This is not only hopeful, but reminds us that we are deeply connected and here to help each other as we grow and evolve.

It is easy on the spiritual journey to get stuck thinking how we need to overcome our karma to become free and liberated. Though this is true, a higher and inclusive perspective is that every time we allow ourselves to heal, grow and shift, we are playing our role to raise the level of consciousness on the planet! This makes facing our challenges both more inviting and motivating as the planet certainly needs all the help in can get. Let’s support each other to help each other!

After our discussion, we silently collected things from nature and created a group mandala which is a simple and fun reminder of our connectedness. We then circled around the mandala-- creating a human mandala--and sang a simple chant, Om Kali. Such a FUN way to start the day!

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