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Our Inner Gremlins

Recently in art class AND in Spirit Warriors, I asked everyone to draw their inner gremlins. You know, the voice that says, "Oh yeah, but I don't want to, and you can't make me". Or the voice that says, "How dare she say that? That really makes me mad".

They were to draw several, and then name them! Everyone got really into it. Some drew three, and some drew twelve. It was surprisinly powerful.

Yesterday, for Spirirt Warriors we walked to a beautifu large dogwood tree where we sat and and further discussed our inner gremlins. We talked how certain ones can take over at times. I am personally struggling with "Gilda Gotta Get It ALL Done".

When my daughter was upset recently, she pulled out her gremlin page, and named three there were acting up. Within minutes of just talking about it and naming it, she felt significantly better!

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