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Respectful Parenting

Isabel received a tool kit from her godmother, and a drill from her dad on her 12th birthday. She was thrilled! Shanti just turned 17 and asked for an astrological reading. How cool is that? Being a mom is such an awesome experience when you allow your kids to be who they are, when you tune into their soul, and support them on the deepest level. I think one of the keys of being a successful parent or a teacher is treating kids with respect. They are souls just like us; perhaps a lot more advanced than we are, just in younger bodies. Why treat them any other way no matter what age they are? If you command respect, and then yell at them when they do not treat you with respect, they will not learn respect. If, on the other hand, you treat them truly with respect at all times, they will respect you creating a foundation from which so much good can come.

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