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What is Spirit Warriors?

Q: What is Spirit Warriors? A: It is a girls group ranging from age 9 through 12 getting together weekly to have fun, serve, learn yogic principles and create deep friendships.

Q: What is Spirit Warrior’s purpose? A: To help connect girls to themselves, to their Divine connection through adventure, creativity and yogic principles. To help girls get to know their inner strength and power so that when they fully enter teenage years, they will not lose themselves, or give their power away. To learn to be a true friend to others. To serve in the larger community by helping people or children in need. To learn to work with their feeling and emotions without judgement so that their feeling and emotions do not run them. To feel like they have a true purpose in their lives and know that they are here to help change the world. To learn self acceptance and self confidence.

Q: What do you feel called you to begin and lead Spirit Warriors? A: I feel called to help young girls perhaps because I feel like I understand kids, especially girls. I feel a passion to help the world by helping young girls, to give them what they often long for.

Q: And what do they long for? A: Perhaps what many of us long for of all ages: To be seen, heard, acknowledged, and loved. They long to have fun, be creative, have true and lasting friendships. They long to know they have a true purpose and are here to help the world by feeling their true joy inside.

Q: What is your vision for Spirit Warriors? A: That women around the globe begin such groups from all backgrounds to help empower girls throughout this world. Ultimately, to help uplift the consciousness on the planet, as well as help balance out the positive female energy overall.

Q: What do you do each week? A: We do a lot of activities, from art, crafts, nature adventures, helping local families, to learning simple tools to stay grounded and clear. Every week, we begin with a song or chant that we sing from different traditions, followed by meditating for about five minutes and then ending with healing prayers for someone in need, and for the world.

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