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Rites of Passage

Isabel, Anathe, Emma and Saia after the final rites of passage ceremony - June 2014

The whole process of the rites of passage was surprisingly powerful for the girls.

We do this for the girls when they are eleven. And will do another rite of passage when they turn thirteen.

The rite of passage for age eleven involved interviewing two women they admire, spending a few hours alone in nautre, and learning to meditate for about 10-15 minutes at a time.

All of this was brought together in a fire ceremony done outside which included singing and some personal wriitng.

The final ceremony was a week later with all the parents and god parents and seem to have a celtic feel to it, as we "knighted" the girls with a sword at the very end. We read from a scroll and announced four qualities each girl exemplified.

We cannot share all the details, of course, as the other girls will be receiving the same rite of passage in the Spring of this year.

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