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Rock River Ritual

On our last gathering before Spring break, we went the Yuba river and found a glorious spot with huge rocks, a cave and a sandy beach. Because one girl was having a particularly hard day, I was inspired to do a short ritual with everyone. Mainly, everyone needed to play and explore, so I made it short.

Each girl found a rock to hold. I asked everyone to feel their feet on the sand, and tune into what they felt inside their bodies and where. And then to breath space into that place allowing it to be explaining that it's okay to have sadness, anger, fear etc. And from here asking them to ask for help to let go of that sadness, anger etc., from Spirit, their guide, the sun or whatever form feels right to them.

And then we all threw our rocks in the river.

The whole ritual took less then 5 minutes.

The energy shifted, and the girl who was having a hard day was light happy about an hour later. Maybe the ritual helped. : )

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