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teaching kids art

it took 4 years to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to paint like a child - Picasso

I ALLOW a lot of room for flexibility when I teach, and



FOLLOW their enthusiasm of what they want to create.

In the classes I teach, from 5th grade up, all the students have their own art journals where they do a lot of their assignments. I have found that they really like having their art all in one book and it increases enthusiasm and confidence. I allow them to add more art into their journals at home which they love.


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With high school students, I ask them as part of their homework to collect at least ten art inspirations a week from the internet, life, photos they have etc.  They create an art folder for storing their inspirations on their computer, phone or iPod, whichever they have. ( If they do not have these, I ask them to collect hard copies and put into a folder.)  

They often look for art to collect from Pinterest, photos, birthday cards etc.  It could be a cool tree, rock, flower or doorway and they take a photo of it.  Several results happen with this process. I get a sense of what they are drawn to, as well as each student getting a sense of what they are drawn to.  And from their collection, they will pick a few to try themselves.  This assignment also helps them to open themselves up to art being everywhere.  Much of the art you see here, is art ideas they have gotten from their inspirations. This builds confidence, and then from here, they create their own art.


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