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is a language that reveals

a state of consciousness.

Self-empowerment through creativity. Helping others access strength & courage of the divine feminine within. Uplifting art to share light with the world.

 About  Carianne James

Carianne James is an artist from Northern California who has taught art and creativity to kids, teens, and adults for the past 22 years. She loves to paint layers, using mixed media, intuition and a free spirit.  

Her intention with her paintings is to bring joy and hope! 


Carianne teaches her Creative Awakening classes using paint, collage, and writing to awaken each student's joy, playfulness, and wisdom, as well as unleashing one's creative spirit for life.


Now booking Creativity Coaching sessions for self-empowerment, healing and clarity through creativity! Please contact her.

My Philosophy on Art & Creativity

Creativity is so much more than painting. It is how we think, how we approach a challenge, how we allow spontaneity into our lives. The creative process isn’t so much about technique, it’s about learning to think outside of the box, opening to the unknown allowing synchronicities and magic, and to bring to life something that has never before existed.

Creativity is about allowing the energy to flow through you.


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